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I believe healed women, heal the world

After coaching hundreds of people and through my own deep dive in personal growth and healing modalities, the biggest creator of anxiety, doubt, fear, loneliness, and shame is being out of alignment with your soul's purpose.  I have made it my personal mission to understand this "formula" so I could heal my own life and help you heal yours. 

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The stuckness in our lives breeds negative emotions and the negative emotions bleed into all areas of our life. So whether your current struggle is money or purpose or relationships or health, all of it ties back into finding out what your soul wants... and then taking those steps every day, while also healing the trauma that lives inside of you. There are likely millions of ways to do this and equal as many people to help. All you have to do is take the next step that feels the very best to you. 

My Approach

Human design

I use Human Design to see your personal energetic map. This shows us your inherent ease and way of doing things + potential places of pain and stuck points.

Shadow Work

Now we heal, but with the plan that's based on YOU and not on me or what other experts told me. I have quite the healing toolbox. 


Putting it all together so that you truly embody who you are, rather than just wearing some fake it til you make it jacket. 

I have been helping women for two decades

Three years ago, I walked away from the hustle and haven't looked back since.

I was what many would call successful in all the things - two kids, nice house, speaking on stages in front of thousands, size 2, but inside I was miserable and knew something had to give. 

So I started asking myself questions and she answered back. Little by little, step by step, I found my way home to myself. A home that is far richer than any societal measure of success with just as much abundance. 

- Maggie, homeschool mom of 3

"brook did an amazing job showing me not only how to navigate my design but also how to coexist with the kids in a way that works for all of us"

signs we might work well together:

You know what you want and want to do the work for that thing now

You know the exact spaces in your life that are giving you itchiness and don't need a life coach for a year (or years) but want to nail down that top thing or two. 

You're over the typical ra-ra coaches out there

Maybe you've signed up for all the things, or maybe I'll be the first coach you actually dive deep with, but you've been around the block and know there's still something different for you.

You're deeply spiritual (still flirting is ok)

But you know that the spiritual life is not as pretty as it's made on Instagram. In fact the prettiest spiritual life is living the one you're designed to live. 

What if

This was your everyday

being fully seen and then being able to fully see (and live as) yourself

release the mental energy you're expending on that thing (FREEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOM)

shed the feelings of anxiety, loneliness, shame, and guilt and own who you are

embody the confidence and self-worth to make the decisions that are right for your life

heal yourself and then anything else you know you're designed to do because now you know nothing is in your way


"It's so refreshing to have some clarity and guidance that feels like it was designed just for me. 

Working with Brook helped me see how easily I stray from my design and she has helped bring me back to it over and over. Reviewing our sessions gets me excited and I can immediately feel the flow and alignment with taking my next steps."

- Melissa, coach at xtreme results

Find out if we're the right fit

Consult your Authority

Get your free Human Design mini-read where you will have direct access to your inner authority - your personal guide for making the decisions that are right for you. Your authority will tell you if working together is the right fit!

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