Healed Women Heal the World

After coaching hundreds of people and through my own deep dive in personal growth and healing modalities, the biggest creator of anxiety, doubt, fear, loneliness, and shame is being out of alignment with your soul's purpose. I have made it my personal mission to understand this "formula" so I could heal my own life and help you heal yours. 

The Offerings:


A beautiful entry portal to begin working together

It is neither the process of becoming or unbecoming because you have always been there all along. The truth of who you are is as intact as it was when you decided to join this life. It's simply buried underneath the fear, the doubt, and the societal conditioning. 

So come in. Come meet yourself again



A profound 12-week healing journey, working 1:1 with me

Reclamation is the portal to reclaiming the truth of who you are. The ultimate gateway to to standing rooted in your power and strength with unshakeable confidence. 



You have always known the way. A sacred sisterhood portal for entrepreneurs

Woven through the fabric of your being is a soul product and a way of building your business that is so aligned and embodied that everything from sales to marketing to leadership and crafting products or services will begin to pour from the essence of who you are. 



A 10-month gestation and rebirth

Locked up inside of you is the medicine this world needs. It's the elixir that will heal motherhood and education, relationships and coupling, business and sacred circulation, community and sisterhood, our rhythms of life and purity of spirit. You hold the keys that will unlock a more beautiful future for all of us.

We need you. It is the healed women who will heal the world. 


What if

This was your everyday

Being able to stand fully rooted in the truth of who you are

Actually healing the trauma and freeing up the space where it resides in your body 

Having the spaciousness to call in and manifest any of your heart's desires

Tapping into your Inner knowing so that you always have access to your soul's path and desires

Leading your life from a space of peace, joy, and success

"After one session with Brook, I will no longer apologize for who I am designed to be. 

I have so much knowledge and insight about myself and know how to heal in ways that are right for me. "

healed women heal the worls

From Patrice

"Brook has mastered creating safe and beautiful spaces for women to expand and explore who we are. 

It's so refreshing to have clarity and guidance that's just for me. "

From Melissa

"After working with Brook, it felt like a wave was literally washing over me and washingaway past hurts and helping me with forgiveness. 

Working with Brook has given me the power to be completely confident in who I am."

From Leslie

From my Clients


The key to the

is learning


and honoring

the brilliance in our