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I've done all the things that society says brings success: went to college, built a business, got married, had a couple kids, got back to a size 2 post babies... and it turns out society is wrong. I ended up deeply unhappy, so I went on a quest to find out the truth. The path to healing is never the same, never clean, and never a straight line, but I find our journeys incredibly beautiful. In sharing this work, I have the capacity to hold your stories, a fountain of knowledge in healing methods, and an unshakeable belief that meeting and loving yourself is the only success there is. 

Titles don't mean as much to me these days. What matters is that my soul's purpose in this world is to light fires. To see things before they're true. To innovate and paint a picture for you that maybe you never imagined, but that feels true inside. I am here to help heal women so more women can heal the world. 

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I love workshops and groups. I love how they are never exactly the same because each member feeds and fuels the group's experience. My offerings include both the opportunity to to attend one of my Get Centered workshops or for me to come and speak with your group or team.

My first course, Parenting by Design is now live. The intention of this course is to empower you with a deeper understanding of yourself and your children, your needs, desires, communication, and so much more so that you can free up the space that creates the epidemic of doubt and guilt that is present in so many moms. 

On a deeper level, so much of parenting and raising the next generation is ending the familial patterns of trauma and beginning the healing process. This course also gives you the knowledge and tools to heal your inner child. 

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I do both energetic healing and embodiment coaching, as well as business alignment coaching. In each coaching relationship we take a holistic approach, looking at your human design chart for embodying your energy type and applying it to whatever journey you are currently on. 

Megan, Mom of 2

"After my session with Brook, it shifted me from,"what is wrong with me?" 

to "WOAH, imagine the ways I could thrive is I was actually working within the natural flow of my design, instead of against it." No wonder I'm tired. I 've been swimming upstream."

Leslie, OWNER of Logan's Garden shop and Haven Farm

"After working with Brook, it felt like a wave was literally washing over me and washing

away past hurts and helping me with forgiveness. During our session, she was available to hold the space for me and led me so well."

Melissa, Success Coach at XR Coaching

"It's so refreshing to have some clarity and guidance that feels like it was designed just for me. 

Working with Brook helped me see how easily I stray from my design and she has helped bring me back to it over and over. Reviewing our sessions gets me excited and I can immediately feel the flow and alignment with taking my next steps."

Don't let me

Choosing the right person to work with is a big decision so don't let fancy marketing steer you. You have the power within you to know if we are the right fit. All you have to do is consult your own inner authority. I will show you how in this free mini-reading. 

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