Parenting by Design

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Know yourself. Know your little beings. Human Design is a map to the soul. Learn the nuances of your child so that you can raise them as a conscious being who is fully alive in their truth. 

Free yourself of the mom guilt


When I became a mom I had no idea just how hard it would be. You care so much about these little beings and yet we are all just so complex. Finding out what makes us all thrive is a confusing and twisty journey. 

When I found Human Design, it released and empowered me in ways I didn't know possible. When I read my children's charts, it changed the game for me. I didn't have to wonder and guess. And I didn't have to carry the weight of the guilt for not knowing. 

Motherhood has become a confusing journey 

You don't have to wonder

Here's how it can be different

Ease your worry

Lay down the burden of what your child needs to be their biggest and brightest in this lifetime with a direct map to their soul and how to understand it

clarity on your own healing

If you've been doing the spiritual and conscious work, then you know this parenting your children gig is all a mirror to what you need to do - let's just simplify for you

a symbitoic home

When you understand the unique subconscious needs of everyone in your home, there is a deep peace and empathy within that. 

I'm In

Module One

A course introduction and healing vision + a complete video training on everyone's design type with added info for parenting children by their type. 
Journal Prompts and an Inner Child Healing Meditation

Course breakdown:

I love it

Module Two

Honoring your unique brilliance through your Authority. Audio trainings and journal prompts for helping your work with your authority and build trust. 

Sounds Great

Module Three

Nurturing and self care through Human Design. Dive deeper into your environment and digestions. Begin to explore these concepts deeper with yourself and your child.

I'm In

Module Four

The nine centers of Human Design. What each center represents and how we use certain centers as gifts and gain wisdom in others. Deep healing on de-conditioning with a deep journal exploration. 

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

This time is just too precious to let fear, guilt and doubt rob you

My intention with this work is that you have real tools backed by science and rooted in spiritual love that will heal you, and empower you to be the parent you've always envisioned yourself being. 


a private session with me


typical number of months to work through this


a year of family therapy


number of hugs and smiles you will give out