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You have always known the way

Woven through the fabric of your being is a soul product and a way of building your business that is so aligned and embodied that everything from sales to marketing to leadership and crafting products or services will begin to pour from the essence of who you are. 

I've been an entrepreneur for over ten years, spanning a small private practice, a brick and mortar retail location, an online coach, and now a hybrid that's deeply right and connected to my soul. 

For years I did what the experts taught me to do, and for the most part, I hit a lot of those goals. I made money and made and impact. But at the root of it all I was still deeply dissatisfied because I was burnt out. I was hustling. Showing up when I didn't have the aligned energy too. Following strategies that genuinely felt icky to me. And then I would shame myself all day when I stopped the activity, never giving myself the real chance. 

And then I healed my soul. Took my time. Built brick by brick from an authentic space. Used my Human Design to learn my blueprint, and channeled my Divine Feminine Leader. Now, I am not just building a business, I am building a sacred body of work that is paying me immensely. 

Healing the energetics of your business unlocks a whole new layer of abundance.

the world needs your gifts

6 weeks

small group calls

live transmissions

sacred sisterhood

Your Human Design: what is it and how to run your business aligned with your design

Ushering in the sacred feminine. How to bring her into your biz and reclaim the sacred feminine leadership

Shadow work - healing the fear, doubt, imposter syndrome, and blocks

Aligning with your voice - the throat chakra is the greatest energy center for manifesting in your business

Purpose, Product, and Payment. A mastermind call to cultivate what's inside

Healing the energetics of your business and money. Clearing any toxic or lack narratives.

A 6-week sacred sisterhood portal

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I'm the embodiment of the sacred mother. An alchemist. A shadow revealer + healer. I initiate you into your truth and burn everything that denies that. Together, we create magic.  

I will lead you in this journey to yourself so you can lead the movement that is in your heart. 

Energetics. Psychic Channel. Human Design. Psychology

The Healer of Healers.
Leader of Leaders.

I'm Brook

This portal will turn you inside out, exchanging everything you were taught about business to everything you know