an intimate 12 week healing journey

I am the creative embodiment of Reclamation and I am designed and created to initiate you from the life you are currently living to the fullest expression of who you are meant to be.

Hey I'm Brook

Two 60-90 minute calls each month - HD chart reads, energy healings, shadow work, and more...

One recorded activation each month - meditations, journal prompts, ritual + cleansing work

Monthly New Moon or full moon HD transit chart reading with Manifestation Magic

24-hour voice chat support in between calls to share wins, clarity, and stuck points.

Personalized journal prompts, meditations, and exercises for continued self-exploration

Rituals for deconditioning and cleansing as we deconconstruct and destroy toxic patriarchal limitations

What our 12 weeks looks like:


"One session with Brook is like months of work with anyone else."

-Kay Leggitt






This is for the woman

Is this you

who has potency brewing in her soul. Potency that is keeping her from her magic. 

who's chronically felt alone or ashamed or afraid or anxious in different areas of her life yet remains high functioning through it all and knows there's another way

who wants to know more about her soul and get in touch with her sacred feminine

who's just ready to heal. really heal.

Who's tired of being tired. of being unseen. of being unaligned.


Brook is so tuned in to what's real (and what's not) and thus consistently finds resonant tools and offerings to provide insightful guidance to folks seeking clarity, guidance and support. 

I've personally benefited greatly from her insight and guidance on a personal and professional level. Her reading of my Human Design left me speechless in the accuracy and clarity that was provided. Things that I had spent years trying to figure out, made sense in a matter of minutes.

This      for you if:

you are so ready to step into your truth

You are just beginning in your healing or spiritual journey

spiritual healing is calling to you

you're not ready to invest in yourself

investing in yourself is empowering

It's probably        for you if...

it doesn't feel like a full body yes



Three years ago, I was begging to feel good again. 

I was happily married with two beautiful children and had a thriving business. And I was deeply unhappy. Working so hard in my business and completely lost my way. I was unaligned in every way and felt completely broken....

And that brokenness and loneliness left me with no one else but my own intuition. Once I turned down the noise, I was able to turn up my internal voice. And she took me on the greatest journey of my life. 

Don't get me wrong. Healing is hard. But living in any space that isn't your truth is so much harder. 

I was designed to impact you