Locked up inside of you is the medicine this world needs. It's the elixir that will heal motherhood and education, relationships and coupling, business and sacred circulation, community and sisterhood, our rhythms of life and purity of spirit. You hold the keys that will unlock a more beautiful future for all of us.

We need you. It is the healed women who will heal the world. 

Dear Sacred Sister

re-evolution: when a living entity or a certain attribute of a living entity that had hitherto vanished, comes naturally back into existence. 

Inside of you there is a thing, a dream, so big and deep and hot and it's screaming to come out. 

Your courage is what will create a movement.

Your fear, your doubt, your block - it's just trauma to be healed

You rise so she can rise.

You have been given this feeling, this nudge for a reason. You are the chosen one. 

You're already doing it. Now it's time to stand in your power with it. 

YOU are the

The Healer of Healers.
Leader of Leaders.

I'm the embodiment of the sacred mother. An alchemist. A shadow revealer + healer. I initiate you into your truth and burn everything that denies that. Together, we create magic.  

I will lead you in this journey to yourself so you can lead the movement that is in your heart. 

Energetics. Psychic Channel. Human Design. Psychology

I'm Brook

healed women heal the world

So much More:

Four day retreat

a time for us to gather in person. To go deeper. To heal. To expand. This will take place in Sedona AZ this Fall. 

VIP Experience opportunity

For those that want even more, the VIP experience includes a one-day, in person intensive. 

Healing traumas from this life and past that are creating the energetic blocks from forging ahead

Burning and crumbling that version of you that was founded on societal conditioning + stepping fully into your truth

Breathing life into your vision. Harnessing fire and lioness energy into your leadership

A full embodiment experience as we step out of the head and into your body, creating muscle memory for how you move as a leader

Full access to Brook's toolbox - energetics, intuitive magic, Human Design, business leadership,  Psychology, + more

Overflow & abundance in the entire experience - love, money, community, leadership

Inside the magic

This is more than a mastermind. More than mentoring. Or healing. Or coaching. This is beyond group therapy. It's a (re)evolution. 

This is a sacred claim on what was once always ours. It's an evolution from the time that we are living in now to ushering in the new way of being. It's revolution against what is no longer serving us and that which never served us. It's a birth to creation, to sisterhood, to truth, and to leadership. It's a fundamental shift from where we were to where we are going. 

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- jordan s.

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It is my deepest intention during our journey together...

That we ignite a (re)evolution so big that that no woman doubts her truth.

What I know to be true is simply this. If you find yourself reading this, you are simply a woman who is here to reclaim something sacred to the feminine and return it to all of us. Through your reclamation, your healing, your courage and leadership, you heal the collective. 
When we feel lost and overwhelmed with the state of the world, we feel this together. When we heal and usher forward despite it all, we feel that too. We inspire more healing and more courage. More awakening and more truth in action. 
My intention is that we shine light on the shadows and we change your life. 


Women on a mission, with a soul agenda, with a heart-bursting movement... this is what you've been waiting for.