Get ready to meet yourself again, for the first time

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The truth of who you are is just waiting for you to come get her.

It is neither the process of becoming or unbecoming because you have always been there all along. The truth of who you are is as intact as it was when you decided to join this life. It's simply buried underneath the fear, the doubt, and the societal conditioning. 

So come in. Come meet yourself again, for the first time.
I'll lead the way.

I'm the embodiment of the sacred mother. An alchemist. A shadow revealer + healer. I initiate you into your truth and burn everything that denies that. Together, we create magic.  

I will lead you in this journey to yourself so you can lead the movement that is in your heart. 

Energetics. Psychic Channel. Human Design. Psychology

The Healer of Healers.
Leader of Leaders.

I'm Brook

"I will forever sing Brook's praises. In just one session, I will no longer apologize for who I was meant to be."

- Patrice

At the root of so much of our pain is the idea of separation. That we are different and separate and yet that feeling usually starts from within. It's a feeling that shows up when we don't fully know ourselves and when we don't know ourselves, it's hard to trust ourselves. Through this experience, you will begin to know exactly who you are and transmute that fear and doubt into pleasure and power. 

There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than knowing exactly who you are. The empowerment and healing from that experience alone feels unstoppable.

you're in the right place.