for homeschool moms who want something for themselves too.   

Human design is an incredible tool that can align you and your children to your most authentic selves that creates ease, space, and freedom for you to also live your life.


Creating                    for homeschool moms who want something for themselves too.   

Human design Homeschool

"How do you know you're doing what's best for your children and not doubt it?"

"I still love my work. I just don't know how to do both."

"How do you know you're doing enough?"

I use Human Design and over ten years of counseling and coaching to help you and your children align with your most authentic selves which frees up doubt, fear, and scarcity, leaving you with abundant energy to also be you. 

the biggest questions I get aren't around curriculum and social skills... 
the biggest questions I get are around self-doubt and still having space for yourself.

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Learn the foundation of human design including type, strategy, authority, and your life themes for both you and your children. Hear from real people in a collaborative setting on how they experience their design.

Human Design 101

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Get deep into how you and your children are designed to be with a complete plan on how to function together. Explore everything from rest cycles, routines, and how your children actually learn best by taking out all of the guess work (not to mention throwaway money on curricula!)


My background includes mental health therapist and business coach, but in 2018 I had a spiritual breakdown where I let go of everything that wasn't serving me. Along the way, I found human design, started homeschooling my children, and reclaimed the truth of who I was, which included both a present mom and a powerful healer and leader. 

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If homeschooling is simply an extension of motherhood, that will extend mom guilt too... but it doesn't have to be that way.

"I will forever sing Brook's praises. After just one session I will never apologize for who I was designed to be. 

Patrice, mom of 4

"Brook has helped me understand who I am designed to be and certain aspects of myself. 

cheyenne, mom of 2

Brook has mastered creating safe and beautiful spaces for women to explore and expand who we are.

Melissa, mom of two