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Hi, I'm Brook

I'm a shadow healer, human design reader, coach, writer, podcaster, therapist, trauma-informed, sacred feminine embodiment, mystic, and homeschool momma. 

And as much as I love reading on my couch and adventuring with my kiddos, I equally love being in spaces with women who know the greatest success is knowing themselves.


Your body is a finite space. It can only hold so much trauma, false narratives, and shadow in the subconscious before it starts spilling over into your life and hiding your natural, innate light. 

Through human design for alignment and deep sub-consious shadow work, you can heal. You can thrive. And you can ultimately be the you-iest you, free from doubt, grief, loneliness, shame, and anxiety. 

A life of spaciousness and consistent alignment is possible. 

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Join us for monthly women's circles celebrating the moon cycles, seasons, sisterhood, and healing. Or take a look at an upcoming workshop.

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The only coaching of its kind - this unique blend of coaching and human design specifically for moms who desire more spaciousness in their lives to live in flow and alignment alongside their children and parent them in a way that reflects who their children were designed to be. 

Alignment for homeschool moms

Human Design Homeschool

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I help you in creating true spaciousness, alignment, and fulfillment. Each client is unique in where they "begin" and "end" but I am here for those that are ready to take the journey, vs a single healing or reading. If you are ready to really heal, please proceed. 

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Reclaiming Her. Reclaiming YOU. Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine and the truth of who you are. This podcast will take you into the shadows so you can illuminate your brilliance.

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