Hi! I'm Brook

I'm a Mom, a fire starter, a sage, a visionary, and I have spent my entire life figuring out what makes women flourish, and how we reclaim the sacred magic in us all.  

Here, I combine my education and experience as a therapist, an entrepreneur, and self-reflective, intuitive healer with ancient wisdom and Human Design. 

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It feels so good to stand boldly in who you were made to be

I'll never forget when I was standing in my bathroom, dripping from coming out of the shower, and listening to Oprah. I was near my rock bottom, my breaking point. She said that what made her so successful in her journey was that she always listened to her intuition. It was in that moment that I asked almost audibly, "How?" How does someone just listen and trust their intuition?  What followed that was a very powerful and bold answer: a two year healing journey that took me from the hustle, the mom guilt, the FOMO culture to a powerful alignment with my soul. It took me to my truth. 

And if you're ready, I am here to guide you to yours

I'm the embodiment of the sacred mother. An alchemist. A shadow revealer + healer. I initiate you into your truth and burn everything that denies that. Together, we create magic.  

I will lead you in this journey to yourself so you can lead the movement that is in your heart. 

Energetics. Psychic Channel. Human Design. Psychology

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If you are ready to finally write your own story (rather than just doing what worked for me), then you are in the right spot. See how these programs are custom to the person you were literally born to be.

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