I'm Brook

I'm a mother, Human Design Manifestor, and mentor. I believe that healed women will heal the world. 

The truth is...

Like most stories, there is not much I find profound about mine, and yet it is remarkable. I was raised by a single mom and ushered along the college track where I completed a Master's Degree in Counseling. Even at that time, I knew there was something deeper worth seeking in this human experience, which led through some self-discovery about the food we eat and the way we move our body. While super common now, that was super woo back then. From there, I started a health coaching business and hustled my way to a pretty successful spot. 

Until i just couldn't hustle anymore

I did all the things that the "experts" tell you to do and I got nearly all the things that are supposed to come from that. I received many accolades and recognition, trained on stages in front of thousands of people, and individually helped hundreds. But it was all off. 

So i walked away from it all - the business, the recognition, and many relationships. 

And I crumbled. Slowly at first. Then faster, the more I surrendered. In those moments, I questioned everything and listened to no one - except myself. In these spaces of quiet questioning I learned to hear the whispers of my heart, my soul, and my guides. I learned to trust this guidance and let it lead me. First to the dark corners of my heart - the spaces to heal,  and then eventually back to my purpose and my truth. 

The ways in which this journey has aligned my life, continue to blow me away. 

I have soul friendships where I used to feel alone. I am a present mom who's released the guilt, where once I wondered if I was actually meant to do this gig. I am powerfully stepping into my purpose after years of making myself small in order to fit in. And I am embodied in the spiritual and human experience.

and if it calls to you, it gets to be your turn

I searched far and wide for how to deliver this journey to more women and this is where I found Human Design. A literal map that shows us our similarities and our differences. Our strengths and our spaces to heal and grow. Our purpose and our flow.  And this knowing is changing our way of being. It certainly has mine.

Thanks for being here.

Lyla and Luca

My sweet babes

My Approach

Human design

I use Human Design to see your personal energetic map. This shows us your inherent ease and way of doing things + potential places of pain and stuck points.

Shadow Work

Now we heal, but with the plan that's based on YOU and not on me. I use a wide range of tools including meditation, journaling, energy work,  vision casting, and much more.


Embodiment is where we take what we learn and we implement, or embody it. This is where real transformation occurs.


Design Type

Fun Facts:


Oils or cyrstals


side hustle





all about


Deep breaths, the sun on my face,
a hot bath,
and helping you live your truth


not about

Ra-ra marketing,
small talk,
a one size fits all approach

In the morning I like to

Listen to astrology readings.
Read homeschool blogs.
Scroll Instagram.
Text back too early. 

I LOVE A fresh start, mornings, sundays, new moons...
Because I always believe in what's possible 


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