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Groups and Workshops are an incredible collaborative opportunity to learn, grow, and heal because no two groups are ever alike. Each group is infused with the energy of the group members.  Whether you have a team you want to collaborate with better, are a member of a team that provides support for the members, or want to come to one of the groups that I host, the collective emergence from a group experience is life-changing!

When women support each other, incredible things happen. That's not just a really good quote; that's life-changing magic.

I'm obsessed with working in groups, in tribes, and with the village, because as women this is how we were designed to be, and this simple reframe that gets us back together in a safe space has healing magic alone. The investment in each other, sharing of our stories, and instantly being seen through the eyes of a sister is a powerful force for dismantling the patriarchy. So whether it's in my monthly group, a future retreat, or coming into your sphere, I can't wait to work with you all. 

Here's what I do:

Get Centered

Get Centered is my signature workshop designed to illuminate the shadows within.

In this monthly offering we will dive deep into the nine centers in the human design chart, discussing what each center represents and how to use your strengths and heal the spaces that have been conditioned. This is an extremely empowering and cathartic workshop. 


From this workshop you can expect:

Feeling empowered in knowing and using your strengths

Getting into alignment with your energy and design to step fully into the authentic you

A nurturing and empathic group dynamic to hold space for you and your experience

Uncovering your shadows and the spaces in which you've been conditioned that aren't you... and permission to let them go


I love coming into groups, teams, and organizations speaking both to the team as a whole or to each individual in the group. 

Whether you have a mom's group, woman's organization, or run a team, there are many opportunities to look deeper into the what and how of your human design charts while infusing the nature and essence of the sacred feminine. These workshops are designed to be  both healing and empowering you to step into the best version of yourself. 

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moms groups that specialize in filling the mom cup and releasing guilt

realtors, coaches, and business leaders who run a company and want their team to thrive using each other's strengths

women's leadership and networking groups who are ready to innovate for the new world

retreat leaders and coaches who want to add incredible value to their clients' experience

Network Marketing leaders wanting their team to grow and flourish

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