Reclaim the truth of who you are

My work with you one on one is some of the deepest work you will experience. If our healing is all layers of an onion, I will get right to the core, creating total clarity on who you are. 

Working with me

My work takes it's roots in my background as a therapist.

It is a unique combination of coaching + alignment, meets shadow work and healing. We use human design to align you with who you were designed to be and as our compass back to the path your soul is here to take. 

But along that path and journey, we will stumble into your shadows - your traumas that live in your subconscious from this lifetime and past that need to be cleared and healed in order to walk your path without the obstacle of self-doubt. 

You simply cannot have alignment without clearing the subconscious blocks that got you out of alignment in the first place.

I have a broad range of experience in coaching and therapy that covers emotional health, business, motherhood, and wellness. 

What the experience is like

First Session:

Our first session is like an intake sessions. We will explore your story, your goals, any significant blocks or traumas, and talk about your intentions for our work together.  In this session we will discuss a plan for working together. 


Each session will be different because each day will be different. I will read your energy, your chakras, your emotions, and keep your human design chart open to reference. Whatever information presents itself that day will be explored. 


Healings are often a meditative journey. I will open the space to the energies that are present and offer to guide our healings. Some sessions may bring a healing and others can be more of a guided coaching. 

are we a fit?

This is who I work with best

You are ready to go on a journey of healing and self-discovery rather than receive a single healing/reading

this isn't your first rodeo. You've done layers of work already.

The words spaciousness and expansiveness make your body feel alive

deep down you can feel your brilliance and you are ready to embody it consistently

reclaiming the truth of who you are feels like the most exciting life goal

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- Patrice

"After one session with Brook, I will never again apologize for who I was designed to be." 

After working with Brook, it felt like a wave was literally washing over me and washing away past hurts and helping me with forgiveness. Working with Brook has given me the power to be completely confident in who I am."

- Leslie

If you are ready

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I know the journey to healing and self-discovery can feel incredibly lonely and raw. I see you. Whether reading this makes you want to take the next step with me or continue your search, I just want you to know that real healing is possible. And it is so worth it. 

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