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I discovered Human Design two or so years ago, following new people on Instagram in the spiritual world and a person recommended to follow was Jenna Zoe. I had no idea what human design was or what any of the types were. The language was all foreign to me and at that point, I was so burnt out on the Enneagram craze and constantly feeling like no test has ever really captured me that I dismissed it all pretty quickly. 

It was Instagram that made me come back around to it as well. Someone was consistently sharing their type as well as other posts about their type and how much this method really got them. It was enough to make me take another visit and this time, I actually looking up my Human Design chart. When you pull your chart, it’s another language from another world. A crazy chart with white shapes and colored shapes and numbers and lines all over the place. It comes with some basic information like your design type, strategy, and profile, but all of this was still pretty meaningless to me. I saw that I was a Manifestor and began there with some basic researching, again on Insta, finding any posts about what it meant to be a Manifestor. 

It was in this most basic information of Human Design, that for the first time in any self-inventory system that I felt seen. Manifestors make up 8-9% of the population and have what’s known as a repelling aura. While this sounds terrible, it all made complete sense to me. Growing up and well through my 20’s, I had been told regularly that people thought I was a bitch and were surprised when they got to know me that I was actually really nice. Thanks, I think. This was obviously not the best thing to hear, but clearly there was some vibe about me that was not inviting. This came in handy a little later in life when I was in network marketing and again, as a new mom. I never really received anyone’s negative opinions about MLM or unsolicited advice about parenting. I suppose they knew that it just wouldn’t be received because my energy is literally creating a shield around me. This shield serves it’s purpose as it’s designed to clear a path for me and other Manifestors to create and initiate without any resistance. 

Beyond this, there were so many little pieces of me that I continued to question after my healing journey. Manifestors are to be big and bold and carve out new ways of beings, as we see things before others. While I have absolutely felt this my whole life, I have chronically received feedback like I am not a good team player or maybe just the general feedback to girls and women to play small and not take up too much space. As a Manifestor, this was the permission to be my full self. 

As I dug deeper into my chart there were so many explanations for my way of being as well as my healing journey – things like feeling like I just can’t quite keep up with the pace of the world, my not self theme showing up as just trying to please everyone (often presenting as anger, but this being common as well). My open centers have often been very common themes of healing or lack in my life. And then of course, our defined centers and gates and owning these as our superpowers. The list goes on. And as I dug deeper and deeper I became more and more intrigued with this unique and powerful tool. 

So what is Human Design? 

Human Design is also called the Science of Differentiation. Literally the science that shows what each one of our differences are, and through that, our knowing and understanding of our differences as ultimately the path to our Oneness and Wholeness as a a collective species. I have chills dreaming of the possibilities. So also call it the great human experiment, because it’s the opportunity to play with the information in your design. Experiment with it all and see which components really speak to you and resonate with you. What within your design gives you clarity and healing. What brings ease and manifestation. 

Human design is the unique combination, drawing from Astrology, Chakras, i-ching, and the Tree of Life. It was founded by Ra Uru Ha in the 1980’s and has gone through different phases of relevancy in our society with a transition coming in six years. I believe this transition is where we really go from learning the foundational language like type and authority and begin to really use it as the transformational tool that it is. 

How is Human Design important and relevant to you?

Human Design literally unlocks this map to our own inner workings (and those of our children, our partners, our business associates, and anyone with birth information). The parts in you that you questioned, the parts of you that you own effortlessly, the parts of you that you just can’t seem to get a grip on. All the ways in which you make decisions and collaborate with others. All of this has a direct map of the way that is just for you. 

This speaks to me loudly, because I spent many years trying things that worked for others, taking their advice, and then wondering what is wrong with me in that it just didn’t work? I chronically felt this deficiency in me. And then once I healed and at least accepted that I had to follow my own path, I still found myself getting lost by acting too quickly on my intuition when my authority is my emotional center. 

Not only is Human Design the ultimate in clarity for the best way to operate your vehicle, it also offers you the opportunity to understand more deeply how others in your life work. Once I pulled my kids charts, I almost immediately let go of so much mom guilt I was carrying simply due to uncertainty for what was really best for my little humans. 

When some find human design, they leave it. Others come in and take what speaks to them. And then others will dive fully into the rabbit hole. Wherever you are in that space, I know it’s the right spot for you. If this isn’t speaking to you today, maybe it will in years to come. And if this is getting you as excited as it is me, then make sure to look up your chart here and then grab my free training on your design type. 

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